Ideology, Philosophy, and Religion

What is the difference between an ideology, a philosophy and a religion? What is the criterion that makes the distinction? Where is the line drawn?

An idealist will think that the ideal in itself is a reason to believe. In his mind the ideal will bring about the governmental and cultural changes that will be necessary to save the people of his village. He will speak ardently about his views, and try his best to explain it to as many people as possible until he gets a following large enough to take over the village.

A philosopher will think that he can give the people of his village a reason to believe in something other than the day-to-day activities of the village. He will argue his views primarily in intellectual circles and usually die many years before his beliefs are adopted by the people of the village.

And religion…well, a religious person “knows” that there is a reason to believe. His knowledge of the afterlife fuels his belief in a moral existence. It is this fear of the oblivious nature of the unknown that is the center of his views. In most cases this one will eventually convince everyone else in the village to believe what he does, whether they want to or not.

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