The Philosophy of Explanations

God is the steward of the unexplainable. When man comes across phenomena he can neither understand nor explain, he sometimes attributes them to the will of God.

Often, man uses his reasoning to discover the explanation of a particular phenomenon.  Once men can explain it, God is no longer believed to be the architect of THAT PARTICULAR PHENOMENON. Instead it becomes another tiny part in the ever-happening Story of This Universe. This does not account for other phenomena, however, for most humans continues to believe that God makes the unexplainable happen.

Science is the backbone of the philosophy of explanations.  The goal of the men and women of science is to understand the natural world and be able to explain it to all of Mankind. This is a slow, and very gradual process. With enough information, people will probably get to the point where they understand everything the cosmos has to offer. Maybe not.


But we will always keep trying.  “Humans are the best at trying. That we know, anyway.”


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